Friday, August 6, 2010

Blah Corkboard Make-Over

I had this corkboard that has been hanging at the front counter of my flower shop, and I thought I'd give it a make over. Using a somewhat padded fabric, added a little bit more batting, I used a staple gun to attach it to the board. I then embellished the board using checkerd ribbon, pinning them quite tightly to make squares. I made sure the pins were at an angle when I pushed them so it doesn't go through the other side of the board. Buttons were then hotglued on intersections of ribbons for added embellishment and some permanent sunflowers on top and bottom corners. I decoupaged some wooden clothpins, using the same ribbon I used on the board, and embellished them with circles from a handmade necklace that I bought at a yard sale for 0.25 cents. They make pretty and coordinating paper clips.

Now, I like it a lot better than just my plain brown corkboard! I hope you like them too.
Thanks for visiting.
Have a beautiful day!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Why I LOVE yard sales!

A couple of weeks ago, one Friday on my way to work, I drove by a yard sale, saw something at the corner of my eyes and decided to make a U turn. Well, I saw these small dining table and 4 chairs, looked at it and I already know what I was going to do with it! The lady asked $20 bucks for them and sure enough, that's all I had in my purse! (Coincidence?) Anyway, it looked like they were brown before and the owners painted them with weird black~ it was a little yucky weird and sticky. I knew this was going to be a fun project~~~ it just needed some sanding and nice enamel paint (black) and pillows and a table runner....and voila! Pretty!

My hubby helped me paint them the next day, Saturday afternoon, after work...and why I didn't even think of taking pictures while these were being sanded and painted, I don't know!

Anyway, I had some pillows tucked away in my closet that I've never used, removed some of the butting and made corners on the pillows, sewed pillow covers and tada! The table runner was a scrap of material at the fabric place which was .50 cents, the fabic for the pillows was
$ 7.99 a yard ( I used about a yard and a half) ; the paint and sandpaper, well, I already have that somewhere at the flowershop.

I have these old candle holders (in blue and red!) and spray painted them black. Now, it's perfect!

Hope you like the result as much as I did.

Garage Sale

This past week end was pretty busy. My daughter Natasha, bff Theisa and my nieces Raina and Vanessa with friend Allan, and pretty girl Jordan, spent a beautiful day having a garage sale. I woke up about 5am, got ready and put out signs~ Vanessa and Allan helped me with the rest. We made a day of it~ we had some homemade bread and coffee for breakfast, and homemade pasta and pizza for lunch. I was able to check off a lot from my 'to do list'~ get rid of "stuff" (de-junk and clean my garage in the process), did a little bit of crafting, and my favorite part...have loving and bonding time with my loved ones.

I enjoy doing ( and going to) garage sales! At least once or every other year I do it. Such a great way to clean out and get rid of stuff.

It wasn't as busy as I would have wanted...we didn't have much "bigger" stuff like furnitures or kitchen appliances to sell, ( well we sold a boombox!) but we sold quite a few things. We had old cds, sunglasses, clothes and accessories, girl's golfset, lots of bags, purses and shoes, photo albums and picture frames, books and toys and many, many home decor/accessories.

That evening, it was move in day for Tasha. We spent some time with her at her apartment...a little bit more family bonding time. I miss her already!

Sunday morning, Theisa and I were still in the garage sale mood, so we continued on for a bit. Theisa got busy with jewelry making projects and organizing her supplies, got rid of some unwanted beads as well.

Around about lunch time or so, we started to pack-up. The left over stuff were all packed in bags and boxes, ready for pick up on Tuesday by Goodwill truck. My hubby took care of our food while my son Derrick helped me take off the signs down.

I love week ends like this!