Monday, August 2, 2010

Why I LOVE yard sales!

A couple of weeks ago, one Friday on my way to work, I drove by a yard sale, saw something at the corner of my eyes and decided to make a U turn. Well, I saw these small dining table and 4 chairs, looked at it and I already know what I was going to do with it! The lady asked $20 bucks for them and sure enough, that's all I had in my purse! (Coincidence?) Anyway, it looked like they were brown before and the owners painted them with weird black~ it was a little yucky weird and sticky. I knew this was going to be a fun project~~~ it just needed some sanding and nice enamel paint (black) and pillows and a table runner....and voila! Pretty!

My hubby helped me paint them the next day, Saturday afternoon, after work...and why I didn't even think of taking pictures while these were being sanded and painted, I don't know!

Anyway, I had some pillows tucked away in my closet that I've never used, removed some of the butting and made corners on the pillows, sewed pillow covers and tada! The table runner was a scrap of material at the fabric place which was .50 cents, the fabic for the pillows was
$ 7.99 a yard ( I used about a yard and a half) ; the paint and sandpaper, well, I already have that somewhere at the flowershop.

I have these old candle holders (in blue and red!) and spray painted them black. Now, it's perfect!

Hope you like the result as much as I did.


a.nanette said...

Hello there Tach! You are such an artist. I am so proud to have a friend as talented as you. How I wish I have the same passion as yours in turning simple things into works of art.
I love what you did with the table you got from the yard sale. That same idea would have run through my mind.
You know, I'm a frustrated artist too..haha.

Gigi said...

The table and chairs looked great after you gave it your touch! Loved it! Also loved the new additions on your blogsite. Your homepage is so "you"! And of course, your other creations (flower arrangements, cards, baked goodies, etc)... all awesome!
Thanks for the inspiration, Tach... Oh and btw, beautiful family pics!


Nanette and Gigi,
thanks for visiting my blogsite and for your encouraging comments! I didn't know how (and where) to comment back to you guys, so I just wrote here. =)
I'm still learning my way around the Blogland. It's pretty interesting and lots of nice and creative people. You guys should blog hop. It's my latest obsession. You'll be inspired!
Thanks again. I appreciate your comments! =)

mags_riego said...

I might see you next in HGTV :D