Monday, September 20, 2010

Easy Project: Cabinet Face Lift

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This is such an easy week end project; it only took a couple of hours. I have this beautiful cabinet near the kitchen which houses the dishes, cups and saucers and serving bowls and other stuff. More serving dish and cake stand are on top, outside the cabinet. Over the years, things seemed to have just been shoved in and it also looked a little tired.

So, I got some pretty cream and black gift wrapping paper and thought it would "dress up" the cabinet nicely. I used the double sided tape to adhere the paper to the cabinet wall because it's easier to remove and change the pattern if ever I got tired of it.

I also took this opportunity to get organized and de-clutter (my favorite word!) the cabinets and put the things in proper places.

Now, the cabinet looked wonderful with those serving dish and cake server and other containers inside! lol. With the cabinet lights on, it sure added some dramatic effect!

By the way, the cabinets are still off-white color; I think the lights had some effect when I took the picture.
Now, I have a pretty cabinet that is also functional!
I love it and I hope you do, too!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Gigi said...

Amazing make-over! I liked the effect of the cream and white background... went so well with your white bowls and red glasses. Great, great job!