Friday, April 2, 2010

Wow... it's April already! Whatever happened to March? Boy, time just zoomed by so fast!
I have been busy with a lot of things...spring cleaning, for one! I love spring cleaning, at home and at the flower shop; "dejunk" and "destash" are my 2 favorite words lately. Going crazy putting things away---categorizing them: to keep, to donate, to sell and to throw away. It's not that easy for ADHD usually acts up, as when I see something, say some pretty baskets, instead of just putting it away, I would then look for something that will look pretty in it, whether permanent botanicals or maybe pretty craft (how-to) magazines. Or if I see an old photo, instead of just putting it in my photo box, I would start a page and start scrapbooking! Well, you know what I'm saying.

Anyway, I saw this pretty basket with a lid, it's been in the back here somewhere at the flowershop. Hmm...I thought it would just be perfect to put my ribbons, laces, pearls strings and other embellishments for my card making. Then, guess what, I started making cards! Well, here are some. I hope you like them. They're available for purchase at the flowershop
(Fitzgerald's Flowers & Gifts 562/927-1467).
Okay, I better get back to cleaning. Until my next post!
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