Saturday, April 3, 2010


More decoupage projects that I've made. I'm happy to say, those trays were very well received...lots of good feedbacks, and already sold a few!

I also enjoyed making this "body form" decoupage. It is made of paper mache that I bought already in its form and just decoupaged it. The hardest part was choosing the color scheme...which I think spring colors turned out to be pretty! I'm naming her birthstone! The body form, I mean, Emerald, is about 16 1/2" tall, and with the stand from top to bottom, she's about 27 inches tall.

(A little how to's:) For the stand, I made a hole at the bottom of the mache, inserted a wooden dowel rod with hot glue at the end so it sticks inside of the neck. I made sure I measured the dowel so that only 1/2'' sticks out of the form. Then I hot-glued the other end to an unfinished wood decorative candle stick (which was nailed onto a wood cut out for balance). I then hot-glued on a wood finial on the top of the neck; these wood pieces were all finished with antique gold acrylic paint before putting them onto the body form.


These are the pretty vases and baskets I found while doing some spring cleaning. They've been in the storage all these years. They are just beautiful and in very good condition!

The cute vases must have been perfume bottles or something.