Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cabinet Face lift

I am re-posting this project again, as this has been one of my favorite easy and inexpensive project to share.
So easy,   it only took a couple of hours one week end. I have this beautiful cabinet near the kitchen which houses the dishes, cups and saucers and serving bowls and other stuff. More serving dishes and cake stands are on top, outside the cabinet! Over the years, things seemed to have just been shoved in and it also looked a little tired. I have so many cookbooks, recipes, small appliance manuals, etc., etc., etc! So, it's a great
opportunity to get organized and de-clutter (my favorite word!) the cabinets and put the things in proper places.

So, I got some pretty cream and black gift wrapping paper from Target and thought it would "dress up" the cabinet nicely. I used the double sided tape to adhere the paper to the cabinet wall because it's easier to remove and change the pattern if ever I got tired of it.

Now, the cabinet looked wonderful with those serving dish and cake server and other containers inside! lol. With the cabinet lights on, it sure added some dramatic effect! By the way, the cabinets are still looks a little teal color on these photos. It's probably the lighting!

Okay, I really hope you like how it turned out!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mothers' Day Cards

One of the things I have enjoyed doing (for years and years...probably for over 20 year now) is making handmade greeting cards. I use different things to embellish them~ ribbons, raffia, rubber stamp, cut outs, computerized text phrases, glitters, pressed flowers, charms, buttons, stickers, artificial flowers, and many other things. I have my own line of cards at my flower shop and some are available on my Etsy shop. I just like making (and receiving) handmade cards because they look so special and pretty!
I have them in English, Spanish and Tagalog ( Filipino ).
Here are a few of my Mother's Day cards...

             Hope you like them! Thanks for stopping by!                                                                                   

Happy Mothers' Day!

It seems like we just had Valentine's rush yesterday... then Easter...and now, it's Mothers' day!?  Already? Wow..time is just zooming by! Anyway, I love decorating at my flower shop (Fitzgerald's Flowers, Gifts and Home Decor). I have so much fun putting vignettes together for the holiday, as well as making greeting cards. I do this way ahead in advanced so I can get ready doing all the prep work for fresh floral arrangements. Mothers' week started today. We're delivering flowers and plants, balloons and gift baskets all throughout this week. Friday and Saturday will be more hectic though. We're usually closed on Sundays, except of course when the holiday falls on a Sunday, which Mothers' Day is this Sunday, May 8th. Then Tuesday, May 10th is Mexican Mother's Day, which means we'll be busy too.

Well, let me wish you all Moms ( StepMoms,Grandmas, Aunts, Godmothers, Sisters, etc) out there a Happy Mothers' Day!
Thanks for stopping by!