Monday, June 20, 2011

Handmade with Love

I was going through my files of pictures and stumbled upon these ones. My niece got married a couple of years ago and as my gift to her I made her  thank you gifts for her Bridesmaids & Maid of Honor, 10 ladies, one of whom was my daughter,Natasha.They got married in Vegas...and they had these coasters as party favors, which I wrapped with a personalized paper that I designed with their names (Pat and Avy) and their wedding date, printed them out on a beautiful paper, tied with a pretty red bow and a little charm that says "Thank you".  
They had a beautiful ceremony and had a great reception party. With the wedding package came the flowers, cake and centerpieces, which were okay...but of course as a floral designer/florist, I would have wanted to do something more personalized. She said thanks, but no thanks...she just wanted me to be a "guest/aunt/family" sort of thing, and didn't want me to stress out, worrying about the flowers, having to transport them from LA to Las Vegas. So I said, okay then, let me do something for you, hence the thank you gifts. Her colors were black and red, so I made those bracelets and gift boxes and the thank you cards.

I made the bracelets using red and black glass beads, pewter spacers and toggle, with a little heart charm. The girls wore it during the wedding. It came in a little white gift box which I embellished with polka dotted ribbon (some in black and white, some in red and white) finished it off with a (permanent) red rose accent.

The thank you cards has the newly wed's names and the date. I just thought something personalized is always pretty!
Anyway, that was almost three years ago. Wow! Time just flies so fast. She and Pat are just enjoying their married life. Lovely, lovely couple!
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Monday, June 6, 2011

A tray full of yummies

I bought this picture frame several weeks ago,( from a yard sale, of course!) and I wasn't sure what to do with it, as I have so many picture frames already. (Pls click on photos to enlarge. ) I was thinking of painting it and add it to my frame collection, but, umm, I knew I could use it somewhere else.

So then I thought I'll use it as a tray! Looks pretty, even with the original print still inside the frame,  (did I tell you I got it for 3 bucks? score!) and placed  all these yummies on it. I have several wine glasses and thought of filling them up with small plants. I filled each glass with pebbels, or small river rocks, some with moss, and planted different kinds of indoor green plants. I've actually made some of these at my flower shop for a party favor of a garden club get together, and they had cocktails! So each lady went home with a little party favor that's going to live and look pretty on a table or desk or whatever. I'm calling it "plantails"...plants and cocktails! Cute, ha? Then, I made some for me!
I put a couple of books that I got for 25 cents each (score!) and added a pretty candle. And voila!... pretty centerpiece for my coffee table.

 I sewed those curtains and throw pillow covers, too. But those sofa slip cover was from Bed, Bath and Beyond that I bought a while back. Hope you like it, and will be inspired to bring plants inside your home, (if you don't have them already!)  =)
I know...these pictures are not the best, (thanks, iphone!) but if you click on them, you'll see a bigger photo. Okay, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you got a few ideas here and there. Now, hop on to other blogs of the wonderful and creative ladies out there. Enjoy!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

One person's junk is another person's treasure.

 Hubby, talking to our son on our way home from church: "Derrick, help me clean the backyard, okay? We need to get rid of some 'junk' ".
Son: "Junk? How can we get rid of junk when Mom keeps buying other people's junk?" (He's referring to the garden furnitures ~pictured here~ I got from a yard sale yesterday. There's another one, a's in my front yard right now.)
Hubby: "Oh...thank you for asking! I was afraid to ask that! Both looked at me and laughed! More of a nervous laugh...or chuckle.
Me: "Ahh...excuse me... Those will be pretty in the backyard. In the garden, you'll see. Plus...remember? person's junk is another person's treasure.

So, that being said...I'm having a yard sale (hopefully) this week end! I keep promising my husband that I'll drop off the donation stuff, (some already boxed and ready) and get rid of my junk other stuff to make room in the garage. My things in the cabinet he built for me in the garage (which was supposed to be my craft area)a few years ago and more things in the the desk drawers, in my bedroom, family room and just about everywhere in our house,  are now being moved to my now "craft room". Well, I have been doing that the last few weeks or so. Slowly...but it's coming along just fine.

This empty nest syndrome has given me "an excuse" to convert my kid's game room, ( it's just a small one) into my craft room. It's coming together now...and I'm so excited! And it's just perfect timing, too, because Karen of My Desert Cottage has just announced her upcoming blog party ( the 3rd annual Where Bloggers Create party) next month (July 15th) and I'm going to join in the fun! You might want to party along, too! Check it out for details.
 Okay...I better get back to work now! Still have a lot more work to do.
Oh, by the way, don't you like my "new" garden furniture? I can't wait to pretty-it-up!

Well, thanks for stopping by! Have a beautiful day!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Have a wonderful summer!

Today at work, (@ my flower shop) I had a great time creating a "Summer vignette"  with seashells and starfish. 

 Those decorative white vases ( and whites with blues) just pulled the display together. I hang a couple of charm bracelets in blues on the manzanita branches. The framed sand art work was actually from one of our family trips in Carmel. We watched the artist at the beach in action creating it using different colors of sand as he carefully puts it in between two pieces of glass. Awesome! ( Hence, that framed work is not for sale. )

 I filled the vase with different kinds of seashells and I just love the variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The large starfish added some texture and are such beautiful accents.
 Adding a few paper hanging display created a whimsical look. The blue and clear/irridescent (Christmas ornament) balls looked like bubbles! ( To see where I got those from...please click here.)
 I just love this wind chime ( it still called a wind chime when they don't really make any sound when the wind blows? Oh well, its just pretty when they move!), it's made of seashells! Several pieces of shells are threaded and then suspended from a large starfish.
 I found this baby during one of my many fun yard/garage/flea market shopping trips! It was a little dingy and was hanging from a tree nobody noticed it. I gave it a good wash, and look at it now! Love it!
Well, I hope you like them. Get ready to have a wonderful summer! Thanks for stopping by!