Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My first Soldered Art Projects

I've always liked soldered art pendants and charms. I had ordered ALL the supplies and tools to make soldered art projects long time ago, and finally...I tried it! Well, actually, this was last year. I was going through my pictures and realized, I never posted it. So here it is!

I made my keepsake thank you gifts for our priests to show my family's appreciation for their services to our community. I put our Holy Family Church's logo in the front and "thank you" at the back.
I hope they liked it...because I liked it myself! (That, being my very first time to do soldered art!) I'll be practicing a lot and I'm looking forward to getting better at it.

By the way...{sidebar}...just in case you didn't see my old posting about the body form...yes, I made it too. I decoupaged a mache body form, it...she... came out pretty and I loved her! I named her Emerald (my birthstone). Then,  I found a new home for her! My friend Nancy W came by my flower shop, saw her and loved her too! So she (Emerald) went home with her. (Nancy makes beautiful blankets and baby stuff by the way.)  I'm sure they're happy together at Nancy's studio. =)   I miss Emerald, though...I think I'll make another one.  =)

Well, anyway...sorry, these are not the best photos of the pendants, but I'm sure you get it, right?

Okay, thanks for visiting. Hope you drop by again!

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