Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Castle Cake Challenge: Day 1's the deal. I'm psyched. I have convinced myself to do this...challenge myself to make something I've never done before, with the HOPE that it's going to turn out well. Not just well. It HAS to be successful...and pretty and edible! Yikes! Take note: I said edible. I'm not sure if this is going to be yummy...but of course, I'm hoping it will be! =)  I'm thinking, if it looks pretty, then the kids will "think" it's yummy. (Crossing my fingers! Again!)

As I have mentioned in my earlier post (showing off Jordan's party decors and banner)...she is having a party this coming Saturday...and my sister, (Jordan's grandma) called me sometime last month or so ago, and ask me to make a castle cake for Jordan! My niece Vanessa had wanted to make this with me a while back, but we didn't get the chance to do so.

My sister Bambie gave me the Wilton Romantic Castle Cake~ 32 piece set that they already bought quite a while back...and so, what else can I do, but use it! Tan tan tan...
Those plastic things are quite intimidating!!! So I spent time lurking and visiting bakers' blogs, reading and researching on how to make a castle cake...watching tutorials on You Tube videos, over and over again!
It's probably nothing to you bakers out there, but you have to understand...I've never used fondants before! I didn't even know what it was before...okay, okay...I know and have seen beautiful cakes with fondant finish, but I had no clue what and how it's used. (I don't even think I dream of making and decorating a cake using fondants!)  Thanks to a good friend of mine, Med (who went to baking school and learned how to decorate cakes) for all her tips and encouraging words that I could do this! {She cooks and bakes really good and her cakes are gorgeous!}
Anyway, so with coupons in hand, (thanks to coupons on line! otherwise, it could get pretty expensive...) I would go to Michael's craft store everytime I get a chance...there's one near my work, and one close to my house. (When I say close, it's about 5-8 minute drive or something like that.) I bought few stuff  at a time to get started.   I do bake, so I have the "basic" stuff already. I just needed to get the other stuff I would need for the decorations and details.
Okay, I'm going to start with the fondant little flowers and I would practice on putting glaze and glitters on those turrets, roof, windows and door. I had to improvise and used chopstick to push the flowers out of the cutter and put a dent on the center for colored icing, which I'll be putting tomorrow.

I wanted to use purple, but Michael's didn't have them. =(  I guess this will do. I have vision in my will be colorful...under the sea castle. Okay...till next time. And you know what..I'm feeling really good...and excited and not as overwhelmed!

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CraftyCupcake13 said...

You continue to AMAZE Me!! I wrote a blog post on your creations - swing by and check it out:

Thank you for sharing your wonderful fun creative life with all of us! Can't wait to see how this Castle Cake turns out!!! I am lovin it!