Thursday, August 25, 2011

Castle Cake Challenge: Day 2

Second day, whew! I went to pick up a few more stuff at Michael's after work, and decided, I'm just going to do some decoration details. I put purple dots on the center of the flowers and used the green icing for leaves and also use it to adhere the flowers on the turrets to give a little decorations on the window sills.

I just did a spiral glitter in blue on these peaks, instead of covering the whole thing. looks pretty already.

I picked up green icing for the leaves and purple (I'm glad the other Michael's has them) for the center of flowers.

Okay, tomorrow...I'll prepare the rest of the decors, and make little flags for the peaks.
Alright..I'm going to bed now. I'm sure I would be dreaming of this castle cake again! 'Been dreaming of it lately...some funny, and some not so funny!  hahaha...Good night! =)

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