Saturday, August 27, 2011

Castle Cake Challenge: Day 4 ...Tada!!!!

Wow...I can't believe I made it!!! Not bad for a first time attempt to use fondant on 2 layered cake! This shot was taken at the party itself, and if you would notice, the tiny flags on the peaks are complete! (huh...details!)  By the way, this is 4-part challenge I gave myself, so I'm hoping you read the first 3 parts of this.

This angle shot shows the back of the castle... the windows were there because I have to cover the big cracks on the fondant! The first fondant I made (for the 6" cake) was a bit thick and it cracked. I just have to hide some imperfections by using the windows and some icing trimmings. The second fondant (for the 10" cake) was alot better.
I put Ariel candle on top of the cake by the columns, added a couple of fondant shells and a store-bought Flounder.

It took me about 6 hours to finish, from baking~ 2- 6" yellow cakes and 2- 10" chocolate cakes, (my mistake: I only have 1 of each size of pan! duh! so I had to bake the cake 1 at a time!), cooling time, crumb coating, rolling the fondant, putting it on the cakes and decorating it. I added the finishing touches at Jordan's house. Of course, most of the preparations for the decorations were done 3-4 days ago. The research on how to make it through google and watching You Tube tutorial is totally a different story! I did that for several hours...felt like most of my waking hours! (Okay, not really.) But give or take 2 weeks.  I went shopping for the stuff and tools I needed for this project ( the week before I was going to bake this castle cake) at Michael's which happen to have 50% sale on baking stuff with coupons! yipee!

I used smashed and crushed vanilla wafers and brown sugar for the sand with a little bit of chocolate sprinkles for a little color. I thought of using my beige throw around the bottom of the cake as it's the perfect color to match the sand.

Some of those seashells are made with fondant. I used candy mold, put a little bit of cornstarch so it doesn't stick, press the fondant to shape it, brush off the cornstarch and viola, instant seashells!

This cake was quite heavy, I was just happy I was able to transport it from my house to Jordan's house, which was approximately 12 miles, it took me about 20 minutes! I put a couple of sand bags (I use those at my flower shop when we deliver), and it helped hold the cake. My daughter was watching it making sure it's pretty stable in the back if my van.
Well, thanks for letting me share this challenge with you! It's now, my accomplishment! Woot woot!
Check out photos taken at Jordan's party! It was a blast!
Have a beautiful day!

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LOVE this, just popping in from a where bloggers create comment you made. Fantastic creation!!
Keep smilng and creating