Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jordan turns 4 years old

I've been busy making decors and banner for our darling Jordan (my niece Vanessa's daughter) who's having a party for her 4th birthday. Her theme, of course, is Little Mermaid!

I was so inspired with the decors I made for Audrey's baby I got myself new cricut cartidges...

Some of the characters are quite tedious to make, especially Ariel~ because of her face, like her eyes. The smaller the character, the more difficult to work on the details.

I didn't put the "happy birthday" on her name-banner-so she could put it in her bedroom later on. Also the Little Mermaid gang could be used in her room if she wants, or maybe my sister (her loving grandma) can use it on her scrapbook. Each of those characters are hot glued on coffee stirrers (those plastic disposable thingys...) I have so many of them from one of the parties at home. I knew I could use them somewhere else.

Each plastic coffee stirer were then inserted to styrofoam inside the (recycled) little polka dotted tin can and red plastic container, then covered them with some shredded paper.

I hope Jordan will like them!
Anyway, now that I'm finished with the decors, I'm moving on to my next project...more like a challenge, a castle cake! I love to bake, but I've never decorated my cakes using fondant! I've never really used fondants before! Oh my goodness, what have I gotten myself into?  (I'm crossing my fingers!) Wish me luck dear friends! I'll post pictures from the party and hopefully picture of the castle cake.
In the meantime, have a beautiful day!
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CraftyCupcake13 said...

This is Amazing Reina! You are so crafty with your Cricut! I want to try this cartridge tooo.. you inspire me, what cartridge is the Ariel and everything from?? I LOVE this idea!! I want to make some for my daughter!! Thank you for posting AGAIN!! you are so blessed!!!