Saturday, June 4, 2011

Have a wonderful summer!

Today at work, (@ my flower shop) I had a great time creating a "Summer vignette"  with seashells and starfish. 

 Those decorative white vases ( and whites with blues) just pulled the display together. I hang a couple of charm bracelets in blues on the manzanita branches. The framed sand art work was actually from one of our family trips in Carmel. We watched the artist at the beach in action creating it using different colors of sand as he carefully puts it in between two pieces of glass. Awesome! ( Hence, that framed work is not for sale. )

 I filled the vase with different kinds of seashells and I just love the variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The large starfish added some texture and are such beautiful accents.
 Adding a few paper hanging display created a whimsical look. The blue and clear/irridescent (Christmas ornament) balls looked like bubbles! ( To see where I got those from...please click here.)
 I just love this wind chime ( it still called a wind chime when they don't really make any sound when the wind blows? Oh well, its just pretty when they move!), it's made of seashells! Several pieces of shells are threaded and then suspended from a large starfish.
 I found this baby during one of my many fun yard/garage/flea market shopping trips! It was a little dingy and was hanging from a tree nobody noticed it. I gave it a good wash, and look at it now! Love it!
Well, I hope you like them. Get ready to have a wonderful summer! Thanks for stopping by!