Monday, June 6, 2011

A tray full of yummies

I bought this picture frame several weeks ago,( from a yard sale, of course!) and I wasn't sure what to do with it, as I have so many picture frames already. (Pls click on photos to enlarge. ) I was thinking of painting it and add it to my frame collection, but, umm, I knew I could use it somewhere else.

So then I thought I'll use it as a tray! Looks pretty, even with the original print still inside the frame,  (did I tell you I got it for 3 bucks? score!) and placed  all these yummies on it. I have several wine glasses and thought of filling them up with small plants. I filled each glass with pebbels, or small river rocks, some with moss, and planted different kinds of indoor green plants. I've actually made some of these at my flower shop for a party favor of a garden club get together, and they had cocktails! So each lady went home with a little party favor that's going to live and look pretty on a table or desk or whatever. I'm calling it "plantails"...plants and cocktails! Cute, ha? Then, I made some for me!
I put a couple of books that I got for 25 cents each (score!) and added a pretty candle. And voila!... pretty centerpiece for my coffee table.

 I sewed those curtains and throw pillow covers, too. But those sofa slip cover was from Bed, Bath and Beyond that I bought a while back. Hope you like it, and will be inspired to bring plants inside your home, (if you don't have them already!)  =)
I know...these pictures are not the best, (thanks, iphone!) but if you click on them, you'll see a bigger photo. Okay, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you got a few ideas here and there. Now, hop on to other blogs of the wonderful and creative ladies out there. Enjoy!

I'm joining some awesome parties: 52nd Twice Owned Tuesday Party, by House of Grace; Terrific Under Ten #17 by At Home with K; Creative Bloggers Party & Hop #10 by Homemaker on a Dime;        #15 Wicked Awesome Wednesday by Handy Man, Crafty Woman