Friday, August 26, 2011

Castle Cake Challenge: Day 3

Ugh...I cannot wait for another day! I couldn't concentrate at work today...because I'm so excited to work on the castle! I cannot bake the cakes yet, as it's still too early.
So for now, I'm finishing the rest of the decorations, under the sea theme. I bought those plastic candy molds with seashell and starfish designs. I used (ready to use) fondant, knead them like clay, and shape them on the mold. Corn starch helps so it's not sticky.I'm loving it!

Also, I changed my mind. The peaks look so plain with just the blue spiral, so I decided to cover the thing with purple glitter! I didn't really put thick glitter so it will look more like it's under water.  More work...more mess. Ahhh!

Med and I have been calling each other back and forth this morning. I could tell she's as excited. She gave me more last minute tips. It's a little confusing when you get different instructions from "You Tube" bakers, so it helps when I could really talk to an experienced baker for my unending questions. I'm quite confident I can really pull this off. (I'm still crossing my fingers, though!)

Now... looking at all these prep work, I know it's going to be okay.
See you tomorrow for the great reveal!!!

Good night for now. I'll have sweet dreams! zzzzzzzzzz