Monday, May 14, 2012

Repurposed wine bottles

I love to recycle, upcycle and repurpose. My latest project was something for Mom's day. And being a florist that I am, I turned these bottles into flower vases. Too easy...but pretty, if I may say so.
To remove the labels from these wine bottles, (well, one of these was actually an empty olive oil bottle) I filled a bucket with water, put a little drop of dish washing soap, then soaked the bottles in there for a few days. Make sure you fill the bottles with water, just enough so they don't float on top. After a couple of days, the labels just slide right off. Just rub it a little with a sponge to remove the glue.
Wash the bottles then dry.
I used decorative wire to sort of tie them together, then shaped the word "MOM" to embellish the rectangular planter where I set the four bottles. Finished it off by adding single flowers in each bottle~ tulip, roses and an iris, and a bright yellow gerber daisy in water tube and a beautiful floral display this turned out to be! I hope you like it. Thanks for visiting...and please drop by again soon!

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