Monday, April 16, 2012

From Easter Egg lantern to Beehive with bees!

I LOVE Chinese paper lanterns. One would probably notice that I use a lot of paper lanterns at my shop, either for display and for sale as well. I have these 3 Easter Egg paper lanterns and they are just sooo pretty! But now that Easter is over, I cannot wait for next year to bring it out again. And if you know me, I LOVE repurposing, upcycling and recycling. So...there it is!
The shape reminded me of beehives, and since I'm loving my cricut expression machine, it was an easy project! (Well, I started with one lantern, and I love how it turned out! So, I'll do the same for the other 2).
I spray painted the paper lantern yellow, hand-painted black horizontal stripes ( using black craft paint), cut-out bees in different sizes, and there you have it...a beehive with lots of bees! I'll be showing how I display this at my summer vignete.
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Spring 2012

Oh my goodness, Easter has come and gone and I haven't got the time to share these photos on my blog! ~ Thanks to Lezlee of Prior for visiting and wondering what I have done for my spring display at my flower shop. Well, here it is. (Better late than never.)
Life has been busy...but busy is good! Anyway, it's mid-April and I'm quite so far off with my new year's resolution. Oh well. Better luck next time. But...nope, wait... I'm not giving up. I'm actually working on quite a few things and checking them off of my TO DO list. I just have to really learn how to manage my time. But with my ADHD, it's hard to stick to my schedule. sigh.
Anyway, I'm glad I'm back! I miss you beautiful people in Blogland!