Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Wall Gallery

Hello there, friends! Finally, I finished my wall gallery! I've always wanted one. 'Been admiring many walls with those beautiful display of framed artworks, photos, keepsakes, quotes, and anything that's special to the homeowners. I have quite a few of such things in my collection, so I didn't want to buy anything to add to it.  I also had to decide which ones to hang and which ones I had to put aside, it's just a matter of placement, too. Most of these are photos of my family, my mom and dad, (and siblings), caricature of my kids, a  family and friends' fund raiser t-shirt I cut out and framed, a newpaper clipping of when my daughter was on the LA Times, my son's ceramic plate project, a nice cheese plate with our initial "S", an elephant artwork my husband gave me from when he worked in India, the word "family" I cut out with my cricut machine and a couple of frames I put pretty black and white prints in. Oh, and the 4 small plates on top are, well, yes, dessert plates! I liked the design.   I still have a few things I want to hang and display. Maybe I'll make another one, perhaps in my bedroom. We'll see.

Well, I hope you like it. My husband said he'll put recessed lighting or maybe tract lighting. Hmmm...that, I'd  like to see! Okay...thanks for visiting!