Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I'm back!

  • After 6 years...I'm back! So many things has happened in the last few years since I blogged. Sorry for not updating my site for a long while. 
Where do I begin? For some of you who knows me, a lot has changed in my life - personal as well as business. First, I have sold my flower shop in Downey in 2014, after owning and managing it for almost 25 years! Yes, I had a difficult time letting go, at first, but eventually, I realized that it was the best decision we had to make. It was time. We retired from the retail part of the business. 

My kids are grown and we were entering into a new phase in our lives, empty nesters! I decided to focus on doing weddings and events, moving my office to home, thus Fitzgerald's Floral Events was born! My hubby is happy working for a solar company, and he also works from home. This opened up opportunities for us to do some needed home renovation and then travel in between work.
We have visited our families back home, the beautiful Philippines, our motherland.

Yes, so many things has happened. So many things I want to share. 

In the meantime, let me gather my thoughts and photos. I'll be sharing them with you soon. 

It's me, Reina

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